Wake Di Town Records

Creative Direction – Identity – Design – Illustration
Self initiated project

Wake Di Town is a vinyl only independent music label. Founded by producer Matia “Ambassa” Gobbo in 2016, and based in Brixton is focused on Jamaican influenced production.

I curated and created all the visual assets since the beginning. Including logo, visual identity, promotional assets and multiple patterns – that will be applied to merchandise – and the artworks for the releases.
All the visual assets are based on hand drawn lettering and illustration, plus clashing bright and primary colours, as a homage to the golden era of Jamaican dancehall music, and in particular to artists such as Wilfred Limonious and Tony McDermott.

Our first release is a 7” vinyl has been hand-pressed in Germany, and has been released in January 2016, and is anticipating a Full Length 12” LP.